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The universal procurement app for print shops

  • Buy paper, ink, plates, and more in one place
  • See your custom rates
  • All your requirements at a glance
with Procurement
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A comprehensive bird’s-eye view of your print shop

  • Track print jobs from prepress to delivery
  • Plug-and-play integration for systems, apps, and machinery
  • The data hub for your print shop
Mission Control
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Always know what’s where

  • Find inputs, products, and semi-finished products fast
  • Check stuff in and out easily with the mobile app
  • Facilitate call-off orders
Be in the loop when Warehouse becomes available
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Your quick and easy path to print shop modernisation

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  • Widely interoperable
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Latest Articles on the Zaikio Blog

LEIPA sheetfed graphic paper now available via Zaikio Procurement!

We are proud to announce that our partner LEIPA now uses Zaikio Procurement as its sales channel for sheetfed graphic paper.

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At the Hunkeler Innovation Days, Zaikio shows how Mission Control makes connected production easy

At the Hunkeler Innovation Days, Zaikio showed how the new Mission Control app provides an overview of all jobs in the print shop - and how the underlying networking enables the seamless interaction of different systems from different manufacturers.

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At ZaiCon, the print shop software industry networks and talks modernisation

Zaikio starts 2023 with a well-attended print shop software industry conference

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Join the ZaiCon – where print industry innovators meet

At ZaiCon, we want to strengthen the cooperation within the print industry! That’s why we will hold a conference for developers, strategists, and decision makers from software companies and machine manufacturers.On January 17th and 18th in Frankfurt, it’s all about the software-driven future of the print industry. Specifically, there will be presentations on both the tech and business angles...

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Zaikio thrives when as many partners as possible participate. That makes it all the more important for us to know which partners are particularly relevant to you. Create your free Zaikio account now and keep up to date with the development and have a say in where the journey will take us.

Frequently Asked Questions
Who is Zaikio for?

We design Zaikio for every player in the printing industry. If you are a manufacturer, a print shop, or a supplier; regardless of your speciality, your focus, or your product – with Zaikio, you can sustainably advance your business.

When can I get started?

Right now.

Zaikio is your way around tedious and costly integration projects. Simply register and have a look at the apps that are already available. If you have any questions, contact our team via chat or email. Or just schedule a demo.

How much does Zaikio cost?

Zaikio is your way around large investments, steep upfront costs, and expensive integration projects. Register for free! There are paid apps on Zaikio, with transparent and fair pricing-based usage.

Why should I register?

Because Zaikio enables you to digitalise your print shop at your own pace, with easy-to-use apps that are modular and fully interoperable. With Zaikio, you speed up your workflows one at a time. Instead of a bloated software monster, Zaikio provides both third-party apps and Zaikio apps that print shops can select, leverage, and combine with a few clicks.

Who is Zaikio?

The innovative team at Zaikio enables print shops to unlock their true potential by managing print jobs faster and gaining the insights needed to modernise sustainably. To enable print shops to pick the apps they need, Zaikio offers equal access to all print industry players. Zaikio is a subsidiary of HEIDELBERG.