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Printing companies in Austria and Great Britain rely on Keyline print business management software

Impressed by Keyline’s holistic approach, innovative technology and ease of use, printing companies in Austria and Great Britain are now implementing the company’s solution.

The team at Hernegger Druck produces sophisticated print products in short runs in Innsbruck, Tyrol. Because of the strong competition, the company intentionally avoided getting into industrial print production — the online printing of standard products. 

In general, the family print business is very down to Earth. In addition to five family members, the company has 10 employees, most of whom have been with Hernegger Druck for 30 years. 

In the offset segment, 10 printing units are used on small-format presses from Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, while the digital segment employs two Indigo presses, each with standard post-press equipment. The production workflow is efficiently controlled via Kodak Prinergy.

Streamlining costing and order management

The team recognized at an early stage that costing and order management also had to be streamlined. According to Alexandra Hernegger, the team initially opted for a proprietary development based on a standard commercial database. “That was a nice solution up to a certain point. But over the years, the demands simply increased.” 

Three MIS systems on the short list

Hernegger Druck had suffered a decline in orders due to the Corona crisis, she said. “We used the time to look for a professional MIS solution.” In addition to Keyline, two other products well-known on the market competed for the job.

Among other things, Keyline was able to impress Hernegger Druck by combining a great user experience with a wide range of functions. The immediate provision of the entire functionality at all workstations was another advantage. “Keyline is cloud-based, which means that work can be carried out in the test phase as if it were running,” said Sebastian Krüger, sales manager at Keyline developer Zaikio. 

From pilot directly into live mode

During the two-month pilot project, the team at Hernegger Druck was able to configure Keyline so quickly that the system went live in the second month and Hernegger Druck became the first Keyline user in Austria.

“The implementation of Keyline in our daily work went surprisingly smoothly for such a crucial application,” recalls Alexandra Hernegger. “Keyline is really easy to understand.” Because of Covid, personal training was not possible. “Everything was done via video conferencing,” she says.

More time for consulting and service

Recapping initial results, Hernegger says: “We consider ourselves old school craftsmen; customer support and service are very important to us. That's why we wanted to streamline the previously time-consuming administration. Today, much less effort is involved and we have more time for our customers again. In short, everything is centralized, nothing gets lost anymore and the failure rate is minimized.”

Leaping across the channel

Keyline also recently made the leap across the channel and won its first UK customer. Crescent Press, based in Solihull, was looking for a management software system that could be integrated with its e-commerce platform on the one hand and its prepress systems on the other. After testing several systems, it chose Keyline.

“As a digital print provider, we handle hundreds of small jobs every day,” says Andy Matthews, Managing Director of Crescent Press. “We needed a system capable of significantly streamlining our processes.”

In collaboration with Resolve Business Management, a UK implementation partner for Keyline, Crescent Press is currently developing a system that will accept orders received via an e-commerce platform and check the corresponding files via a connection to Enfocus Switch. The orders will then be automatically scheduled in the Keyline production planning board.
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