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The volume order will only come when the short runs are also covered

For the printing house Heidenreich Card, the implementation of Zaikio Keyline was a decision with tangible results. The print shop management software not only enables even the smallest jobs to be processed efficiently – it has also proven to be a convincing unique selling feature when it comes to winning new customers.

The print business Heidenreich Print in Bünde was founded in 1991 and has been on the move ever since – after all, the demands of the market are constantly changing. In the last two years, the company has undergone extensive restructuring.

One result was the split of packaging and commercial printing. For the commercial business, the subsidiary Heidenreich Card was founded in February 2022. The focus of production: voucher cards, media and parcel inserts for online retail. The 35 employees currently produce some 500,000 such cards and inserts in multi-shift operation.

Processes are continuously optimized

This volume can only be managed with highly efficient processes. Björn Mock, Procurator of the Heidenreich Group and Sales Manager at Heidenreich Card: "We are continuously optimizing our business and production processes. We have also surveyed our customers in this regard. I remember one customer's bold statement – if you want my large orders, you'll have to cover my small runs as well. We quickly realized that to do this, we needed to focus on automating the commercial side and implement a print business management software.“

Heidenreich Print has been using a MIS for some time now. However, according to Mock, the previous system was "an island and not really open for integration with other applications. But that's exactly what was important to us in being able to react flexibly to future market requirements." The choice finally came down to Zaikio Keyline as the new MIS.

Easier and more cost-effective than before

Mock appreciates the modern architecture: "Keyline can be integrated with other systems via its API, whether that's a web store, a CRM or ERP system, or even machines. This means that virtually all tasks in a print shop can be covered by one software. This works much easier and more cost-effectively than with the existing MIS." 

The efficient exchange of data among applications is already having an effect on the workforce efficiency at Heidenreich Card. Mock is pleased: "Previously, four employees were busy shoveling data manually from A to B for approval processes, for example. Now they can take on more interesting and value-adding tasks."

High degree of automation

Customers order via a Cloudlab based online store or through direct API customer interfaces. When the job data is accepted, the job is automatically created in Keyline. As part of the data transfer, Keyline also triggers a preflight in Pitstop from Enfocus. Customers are automatically notified in the event of problems with the print data, and incorrect data is not transferred at all.

Once the print data is in good, Keyline drives and controls the entire order processing, from production to shipping and invoicing.

Unique selling proposition for new customer acquisition 

In the process, Keyline continuously forwards data about the order status to the CloudLab store. Björn Mock: "We make the complete internal transparency available to customers via their account in the store. This service has proven to be a unique selling proposition in winning new customers many times." 

Customer service is being further improved

The team already has some ideas for the further development of the Keyline implementation to improve customer service even further. One example: Soon, customers will be constantly informed about the location of the delivery vehicle in their CloudLab account via Google Maps. This makes it easier for them to plan their work.The process is triggered via the creation of the delivery bill before loading. Order data is submitted via the interface to the transportation service provider and tracking information is transferred, which can be accessed via a link in the store. 

Björn Mock regards the integration of a wide variety of applications as an essential prerequisite in the effort to further expand customer service and maximize efficiency: "That's why I'm also very excited about the potential of Zaikio, which takes the idea of connectivity to the extreme.

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