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Users of print business MIS Keyline optimize paper sourcing via Zaikio Procurement

For print businesses, buying paper is a time-consuming task. Price tables have to be transferred manually and with effort to their own systems, and telephone inquiries to the paper manufacturer are daily business. For users of the Keyline print business management software, this is now a thing of the past: Via the convenient connection to Zaikio Procurement, they can access their suppliers' systems directly from within Keyline and handle their paper purchasing. Some Keyline users are already reaping the benefits of the integration.

Zaikio Procurement is a free application from Zaikio, the innovative open platform for the entire printing industry. Via Zaikio, printing houses, their customers and suppliers, as well as software and machine manufacturers can communicate with each other and exchange data.

Keyline users can connect their MIS to Zaikio Procurement with just a few clicks. They then have direct access to their suppliers' systems from within Keyline. Using the search function, they can quickly find the desired materials in the suppliers' range. Individual price agreements are taken into account when prices are displayed. This means that the information required for calculating print jobs is immediately available in Keyline.

When ordering, Zaikio Procurement provides recommendations for the most cost- and quantity-optimal order based on prices and minimum order quantities. In addition, the desired delivery date and location can be specified. 

Tremendous time savings in procurement

Nico Kessel, Vice Managing Director of Druckerei Bastian in Föhren, Germany, says: "We already process our paper orders via Zaikio Procurement – and the time savings are enormous. Direct access to the supplier's systems eliminates the tedious task of updating prices on our site, and telephone inquiries for standard formats are also a thing of the past."

Full transparency after the order

With Keyline and Zaikio Procurement, print businesses have a complete overview of their orders at all times. Order details can be viewed at any time. Suppliers can send updates about the production and delivery process and thus inform their customers online about the status of the order. They can also file invoices in Zaikio.

New level of automation

Sebastian Krüger, Sales Manager for Keyline and Zaikio: "The interaction of Keyline and Zaikio Procurement is a new level of automation of the processes in the printing industry. Fully integrated purchasing not only leads to significant time savings, it also reduces the error rate and thus ensures generally smoother processes."

More than paper in the future

Paper manufacturers Metapaper and Sappi are currently connected to the system – others will follow shortly. In the future, print businesses will be able to order not only paper but all their consumables for prepress, production and postpress via Zaikio Procurement.

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