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Zaikio Procurement is the first step towards a digitalised and automated print shop. Access your suppliers' range of products without media breaks and retrieve daily updated prices - directly from your MIS or via our Zaikio Procurement App.

Simply connect suppliers
Search the suppliers' range of products
Call up current prices
Place orders digitally
Select desired delivery date
Receive status updates
Optimise orders
Receive shipping status
Retrieve all invoices in one place
Automate processes

Connect suppliers

Connect digitally with your suppliers

With just a few clicks, you can connect to your suppliers via our user interface and access their product range with your individual price agreements. You only need your contract and contact details - nothing will change in the previous agreements with your suppliers.

Connect suppliers

Price query

Always receives the current price

Zaikio shows you all product information as well as the current price of the item. This means you always have all the information you need for your calculation at hand.

Price query
Digital ordering

Digital ordering

Order digitally in just 5 minutes

After selecting the items you need, you can order the materials at the touch of a button - without any annoying phone calls or emails. If you still make a mistake, you can easily cancel the order in the system.

Choice of delivery date and place

Decide when and where you want to receive your goods

If you have more than one location, you can choose the delivery date and the site to which you want the material sent.

Choice of delivery date and place

Participating partners

More integrations to follow


Get notified directly of status updates

The supplier can send status updates about the production and delivery process to Zaikio. You will be informed about possible partial deliveries, the shipping time and many other order changes.

Order quantity optimisation

Order quantity optimisation

Receives order recommendations based on prices and minimum order quantities

Zaikio displays the selected order quantity in different ways (pallets, rolls, kilograms) and at the same time shows you which of these options is the cheapest, based on minimum order quantities.

Shipping status

Maintain transparency over your order details

You can view your orders at any time and call up all details (e.g. number of pallets ordered, type of products, delivery details, etc.).

Shipping status
Overview of accounts

Overview of accounts

All bills in one place

Your suppliers can store the issued invoices in Zaikio. This makes the invoices available to you at any time in one place.


Use our data model to optimise your processes

With the digitalisation of the ordering process, you can partially or completely automate your warehouse management in the future. For example, you can automatically adjust your stock levels or trigger orders if the goods fall below a minimum quantity.


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