Zaikio Roadmap - what happens in 2021!

For us, the last two years have been like a rollercoaster ride. Since the beginning of our collaboration with Heidelberg, we wondered what an open platform for the industry could look like. We drew, we argued, we developed, we discarded things. We turned over every stone twice, improved, tested and went back to the whiteboard. But this is normal, this is how we work. Take a look here at what has happened so far and what we still have planned.

✅ June 2019

Heidelberg acquires Crispy Mountain and work on Zaikio begins.

✅ Autumn 2019

First developer previews of the Zaikio Hub, the Loom event system and the App Store.

✅ Spring 2020

First developer previews of the Zaikio Procurement platform and connectivity to the first suppliers.

✅ Summer 2020

The Zaikio hub becomes available to the public. The procurement platform starts with the first test customers. Mission Control is available for developers.

✅ Q3 2020

Start of the private beta for the Procurement App. The first tests are being run with Mission Control.

✅ Q4 2020

Closed beta phase for the procurement app begins. Customers test Zaikio Procurement in live use. First partners are connected to Zaikio.

✅ Q1 2021

Zaikio Procurement Public Launch. Connection of further partners to Zaikio.

✅ Q2 2021

Zaikio App Store is available to the public. Apps for all kinds of tasks become available in the App Store.

⏳ Q3/Q4 2021

Public launch of Mission Control. Apps in the Zaikio App Store can exchange data. Printers can book all the apps they need for their business via the App Store with just a few clicks of the mouse.