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Infigo partners with Zaikio to simplify process automation

Infigo, a UK-based software developer, is connecting its web-to-print software with the Zaikio data platform. For Infigo customers, this provides easy connectivity to a broad range of industry software. For Zaikio customers, the partnership means they can easily leverage Infigo's innovative web-to-print solutions for their processes. 

All systems that integrate with the Zaikio data platform can automatically be used with each other. This works because the Zaikio enforces a standardised data model to ensure compatibility. By making custom integration projects obsolete, the Zaikio saves business lots of time and money. 

Zaikio already showcased an early version of the Infigo integration at The Print Show in September 2023 in Birmingham. The specific use case was a seamless two-way data flow between the Infigo web-to-print solution and the Imprint MIS. This works without any direct communication between Infigo and Imprint, with both just talking to the Zaikio platform.  Learn more about the showcase on the Zaikio blog.

Chris Minn, Head of Global Marketing at Infigo, said: “Through our partnership with Zaikio, Infigo reaffirms its commitment not merely to sell web-to-print software, but to provide our customers with superior workflow solutions.

“We believe in enabling our customers to maximise their revenue within an automated workflow. This necessitates leading-edge connectivity. Zaikio is an exemplar in this respect, embodying the essence of connection within the print industry. Zaikio really is a one-stop shop for PSPs. It will help our customers to experiment with new products and services and diversify their revenue streams.”

Paul Bromley, Head of Global Sales at Infigo, states: “Integration and connectivity has always sat at the core of our company ethos and the Zaikio platform matches our vision: to provide bleeding-edge solutions, harness automation and simplify the workflow, which is something our industry is now starting to embrace.

“We can’t wait to get started and welcome this opportunity to work with Zaikio and their fantastic team.”
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