Connect the MIS to all relevant systems with just one integration.

Your customers' requirements are clear: in order to ensure that processes run smoothly, the MIS should be connected to third-party solutions. However, these systems are often not designed for this and do not have open interfaces. This leads to time wasting integration projects that end up costing a lot of money and time.

Zaikio for fast integration

Zaikio is a platform for the printing industry that tackles precisely this problem. Our mission is to connect all industry players (MIS, suppliers, dealers, printers, software providers, manufacturers, etc.) to Zaikio to ensure a structured data exchange without individual integrations. As an MIS provider, you gain valuable time that you can use for the further development of your product and good customer service.

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Already integrated systems & suppliers

Bonjour & Shalom – Market expansion with Zaikio

Scaling effects for software companies arise especially when the current focus market can be expanded and customers from all over the world can be addressed. Zaikio is an internationally active company that connects all members of the printing industry, regardless of the country. As an MIS manufacturer you can benefit from this reach!

Zaikio supports you on your way to internationalisation by taking care of the integration and billing with your customers. This relieves you of tedious administrative tasks and you can concentrate 100% on your core business.

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All advantages at a glance


Cost saving

With the connection to Zaikio you can avoid further integration projects. This is the first step towards connecting dominant systems without costly integration and custom developments.



By reducing the number of integration projects, you have more time for value-adding activities and can actively work on the development of your MIS.


Market penetration

With Zaikio, you have an additional channel to increase shares in your existing market. By integrating with Zaikio, you will be listed as an MIS on the platform and increase your reach.



Zaikio is a global company with the mission to penetrate the entire industry. With only one single integration Zaikio gives you the possibility to be visible for customers from other countries.



The security of our customers and partners is our top priority, so you always remain the owner of your data. At Zaikio we work in compliance with GDPR and store data in accordance with European law. If you want to share data with your customers, you have to actively approve it. At no time will we share your or your customers' data without your permission.


Transaction processing

At Zaikio you have the possibility to offer your MIS in a monthly subscription model. In this case we take care of the entire payment and billing – internationally with the appropriate tax regulations.

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Our documentation describes the interface to Zaikio in detail. In addition, we have worked on use cases for suppliers and traders and present you with a suitable data structure for the digitisation project. This does not mean that you have to adopt this structure, but it will make it easier for you to get started.

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