Digitisation of the value chain. Let your customers order digitally.

As a supplier, you are a central component of the printing industry and it is impossible not to think of it. However, the change in the market has also affected you. Printers have to react to many changing orders, which is also reflected in the number and variation of orders. You also lose valuable time and important resources by making enquiries by phone or email.


Zaikio Procurement for a digital purchasing

Zaikio brings printers, suppliers and software vendors together on an open platform so that data can be exchanged quickly and easily. By connecting, your collaboration with printers is digitised and standardised:

  • Live query of individually agreed prices and denominations
  • Checking the availability of goods
  • Communication of delivery date and time
  • Digital ordering, directly from the customer's MIS
  • Transfer the order to your ERP
  • Status reports on the delivery of goods to the printers
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Digitisation of the entire value chain

Your customers' orders go directly into your ERP. This gives you the opportunity to use the digitised data for the following process steps – in real time:

  • Customer orders can be processed according to their account number
  • If required, production can be notified directly
  • Intermediaries can automatically reorder goods from the manufacturer
  • The inventory can be adjusted automatically
  • Invoice generation can be triggered after order confirmation
  • Logistics companies can be notified when the order is completed

All advantages at a glance


Error reduction

With the digitisation of order processes, typos or communication problems are problems of the past. As a supplier you have security over your customers' orders and can access order history.


Cost reduction

The digitisation of process steps simultaneously reduces the time required for an order. You can complete more orders and at the same time and reduce the variable costs per order.


Market penetration

With Zaikio you have an additional channel to increase your share of an existing market. By integrating with Zaikio, you will be listed as a supplier on the platform and gain visibility.



Zaikio is a global company with the vision to penetrate the entire industry. With just one integration to Zaikio we give you the opportunity to be visible for customers all over the world.



The security of our customers´ and partners´ data is our top priority, so you always remain the owner of your data. At Zaikio we work in compliance with GDPR and store all data according to European law. If you want to share data with your customers, you have to actively approve it. At no time will we share your or your customers' data without your permission.


Cross Integration

Even if your focus is on the print shop, the connection to Zaikio gives you the opportunity to communicate with all other parties in the industry without further integration. This offers you flexibility in the digitisation of your entire business.

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Have a look at our documentation

Our documentation describes the interface to Zaikio in detail. In addition, we have worked on use cases for suppliers and traders and present you with a suitable data structure for the digitisation project. This does not mean that you have to adopt this structure, but it will make it easier for you to get started.

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