Mission Control

Where the 🦆 are my jobs?!

See all the jobs, no matter the source. See all machines, no matter the manufacturer. All in one dashboard. Searchable and interactive. Make informed decisions based on data, not assumptions.
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The bird's-eye view of your production

Full 360-degree overview

Mission Control makes it easier than ever to get a comprehensive view of what's going on. See where each of your jobs is and what's up next, even across multiple sites and organisations. Identify bottlenecks early and act proactively.

It's all there, it's all live

Find all relevant information in one place. Mission Control receives job data from all kinds of sources: Web shops, ERP/MIS, machines and more. If it's in your Zaikio workspace, it's in Mission Control!

Flexible and intelligent

Organise jobs in smart lists using attributes like status, progress, delivery date, and many more. Leverage the power of structured data!

Act in the blink of an eye

Track the progress of all jobs and orders that pass through your production, from the initial data check all the way to its delivery. Our various visualisation options help you keep an eye on everything that needs your attention.

Get it with Pro

Plan production from A to Z

Use Mission Control to plan production from start to finish, including finishing and logistics. Our easy-to-use interface and helpful features make planning a breeze. It only takes minutes, not hours.

Assistance features

Zaikio knows what jobs can be produced where and under which circumstances. It highlights which machines can be used for what job, depending on their format, substrate, and further attributes.

Adaptive re-planning

As soon as you drag a workstep onto the planning board, all corresponding worksteps before and after it are automatically re-planned for you. Rearrange them at will and adjust them where needed.

Draft your changes

Work with drafts in order not to risk messing up the live production planning. When you're done, hit “Apply”. Only then will Mission Control merge all your changes into the live production planning.

Revision history

Mission Control keeps track of all the changes to the production plan, and who made them. So it's always clear who made that call.

Track progress where it happens

Track time spent and material consumed anywhere in your printshop with our easy-to-use iPad app. See all the planned jobs on all machines in the palm of your hand. Just select what you're working on, and off you go.


All data you enter into the app is sent to Zaikio in real time, so it can be used by other apps, and Mission Control, of course. Print flags and labels on the go, directly from the iPad.

Transparent and affordable

For organisations with more than 100 users, we offer an enterprise plan with the same functionality as the professional plan, but at a lower cost per seat. Talk to us!

Looking glass
/ seat / month
Contact sales
Unlimited personal lists
10 organisation job lists
10 organisation to-do lists
30 organisation work step lists
View-only production planning
Shop floor data collection via iPad app
/ seat / month
Contact sales
Unlimited personal lists
Unlimited organisation job lists
Unlimited organisation to-do lists
Unlimited organisation work step lists
View-only production planning
Shop floor data collection via iPad app
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