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Premier is UK’s first paper supplier on Zaikio Procurement

  • Zaikio has established itself in the Central European market in recent months
  • Printers can use Zaikio Procurement to organise their material requirements and order directly from participating suppliers through one interface
  • Premier, as one of the largest paper suppliers in the UK, is the first partner in the UK

Premier is the first major paper supplier for the UK market that printers can access on Zaikio’s newest product called Procurement. Being part of OVOL Japan Pulp & Paper, the world’s leading specialist paper supplier and through Premier’s UK wide branch network, offers a wide choice of products and services. 
Zaikio has already made a name for itself in the Central European market over the past year. The open platform brings printers, software providers, suppliers and end customers together so that everyone can exchange data on a level playing field. Zaikio Procurement is the first software application on that platform.

Printers can use the product without installation and completely free of charge. They organise all their material requirements, access the range of participating suppliers and order with just a few clicks. With Antalis, Sappi and Metapaper, major paper suppliers are already on board across Europe and many more will follow. In addition to paper, suppliers of ink and printing plates will also be part of the platform soon. 
Using Zaikio Procurement primarily means transparency and time savings. Whereas printers used to have to pick up the phone, they can now conveniently order what they need via an easy to use interface. "We are constantly looking to improve our service and to give our customers the opportunity to search for and order their desired material directly and without fuss. We aim to be a supplier that is easy to deal with and Zaikio Procurement simplifies the ordering process and frees up valuable time and resources for our customers", comments David Jones, Marketing Director at Premier.
Zaikio made it clear early on that they wanted to offer their services across the Central European region. Now they have Premier on board as the first UK partner for Zaikio Procurement. Karl Ciz, Partner Success Manager at Zaikio: “Zaikio has global ambitions and Premier’s involvement will be incredibly valuable to the UK automated procurement service. This way we can really help UK printers in their daily challenges. More partners, countries and markets will follow in the coming months.”
Expansion through ERP and MIS providers
With MIS or ERP systems also connected to Zaikio Procurement, material demands for ordered products can automatically be synched with Zaikio Procurement, where purchasers can order them directly, or they can order directly through their MIS or ERP. "Our aim is to make the life of purchasers easier and more efficient. They should be able to organise, manage and order their requirements from one application, regardless of the source of the requirement," says Christian Weyer, Managing Director Technology at Zaikio.
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