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Steuber becomes first supplier of consumables, such as plates and inks, on Zaikio Procurement

  • Steuber offers its range of products on Zaikio Procurement and is thus the first supplier for consumables such as plates and inks on the new platform.
  • In the first step, this will be done in Germany, with the offer gradually being extended to other countries.
  • Zaikio Procurement thus enables its customers to order other consumables besides paper digitally.

With Heinrich Steuber GmbH + Co. another heavyweight in the German market becomes part of Zaikio. The Mönchengladbach-based company offers consumables as well as customised solutions for the entire spectrum of the printshop. In future, Steuber will offer printing plates, plate chemistry as well as inks in Germany via Zaikio Procurement and enable its customers to digitalise their internal ordering processes. 
Stephan Uder, managing director at Steuber: "We see the cooperation with Zaikio as the perfect fit for our core business: we are expanding our services while adapting them to the new demands of the market. What does that mean? Our customers can now order products from our portfolio of consumables digitally, making their purchasing more efficient."
Zaikio brings printers, suppliers, software providers as well as press manufacturers together on one platform so that they can communicate and exchange data easily and quickly. This approach offers the printing industry the opportunity to easily digitise and automate all value-added and supporting processes. With Zaikio Procurement, Zaikio provides a product that maps this vision for the entire demand and procurement process for consumables of a printing company.
Andreas Aplien, partner manager at Zaikio, on the cooperation with Steuber: "With Steuber we have gained a strong partner in Germany for Zaikio Procurement. We want to offer our customers the complete portfolio of consumables. The cooperation with Steuber is a first, big step in this direction."
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