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Zaikio has entered Northern Europe with Omikai

  • Omikai is the first Management Information System (MIS) to become part of the Zaikio platform in Northern Europe
  • Omikai wants to expand across borders and gain a foothold in Benelux, DACH as well as the UK
  • Omikai customers will be able to order their materials from connected suppliers directly from the MIS

Zaikio has won Omikai as its first partner in Northern Europe. Omikai is a cloud-based ERP system for the signage, printing and packaging industry that enables its customers to manage sales, production and management around the clock. Through regular updates of the ERP system, Zaikio's functions can be made available to all Omikai users with just a few clicks.

Zaikio develops cloud-based software products for the printing industry. The aim is to digitalise processes in printing plants and thus lay the foundation for automation. The focus is on optimising the exchange of data between different players.

The first product in this context is Zaikio Procurement, which massively simplifies material procurement by directly connecting all major suppliers via software and thus enabling live price queries and availability to be called up. Orders can then be placed with one click or fully automated.

In Omikai, users will in future be able to access connected suppliers directly from the MIS, call up availability and prices and order their materials without detours. So far, Sappi, Antalis, Premier Paper and Metapaper are on board. Zaikio is already in contact with other suppliers across Europe and will soon announce new partnerships.

"Our medium-term goal is to roll out our platform to the entire European market. With Omikai, we have laid the foundation for our expansion into Northern Europe." - Andreas Aplien, Partner Manager at Zaikio.

Omikai as well as Zaikio are now looking for beta customers who want to be part of digitising their material purchasing right from the start. "We will carry out pilot projects with selected customers in order to optimally adapt the solution to the market. Interested printers can contact us directly." - Pontus Maltborg, COO at Omikai.

If other ERP / MIS providers or suppliers are interested in partnering with Zaikio, they can contact the Partner Management Team directly. 

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