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Zaikio Interview with CTO Sebastian Buck from rissc solutions

Today's interview was conducted with Sebastian Buck, CTO of rissc solutions. With their Web2Print application printformer they want to provide printers with a tool that will support them in their future printing projects.

It' nice of you to take the time for this interview, Sebastian. Please introduce rissc solutions and your role in the company first.

Sebastian: rissc solutions is a web-to-print pioneer and has been active in the print and media industry since 2002. We started in a classical way with very customer-specific projects - with a focus on product customisation. I have been with rissc solutions since 2008 and have been in the role of CTO for two years. My tasks in the company are very complex. I would define my role as bringing together different areas (development, product management and UX) and keeping them together. 

My vision has been to continue the cloud idea for years and to make our software truly usable for all customers at the push of a button. I have been involved in many individual Web2Print projects for years and try to incorporate these requirements into our printformer software. In the area of eCommerce, I have also been able to gain a lot of experience in the area of print shops based on Magento 2 and Shopify in recent years.

I can already see that your field of application is not easy to define. Tell us more about your printformer

Sebastian: The name printformer stands for standard software that supports our customers in various areas of the Web2Print process. Starting with our own print shop to sell individualised and standardised products in the B2B segment. For open shops we also offer integrations in shop systems such as Magento 2 or Shopify.

The core element of printformer is, of course, a powerful and modern editor that enables the end customer to customise products in the browser and on the smartphone. It doesn't matter whether it's a business card, flyer, book, textiles or packaging. The whole thing is supported by a real-time 3D preview.

After the design or upload of the print file, there can be many different sceneries, depending on the process. The file is to be transferred to a printing press or another system depending on various parameters. At the same time, approval is to be given by another employee before printing. The processes are very complex and, as we know, every customer is different. With printformer, we provide a suite that supports the customer in his current and future Web2Print projects. 

We have been following the SaaS approach for several years. All our customers always receive the latest version of our software. With us, there is no business with big updates; rather, we sell packages with certain features that we can activate with the push of a button.

Thank you for the detailed explanation. Printformer can therefore be used in many ways. Which target groups exactly do you want to address and how can Zaikio support you?

Sebastian: The target group of printformer is, as you already said, very diverse. One of the biggest is of course printers who in turn want to provide their customers with a print shop in their own corporate design or are looking for a Web2Print editor that can be seamlessly integrated into an existing system. Zaikio is the perfect platform to present our product. 

Of course, all target groups that deliver print data to printers are also relevant for us. From the automotive group that wants to order printed matter for its employees via a uniform portal and has to connect various printers in the process. To start-ups that offer individualised packaging, wedding cards or biscuits and want to remain flexible in their choice of producer.

In recent years we have supported many customers with their ideas and I am particularly looking forward to printers with classic as well as innovative new print products. I am convinced that we are very well prepared for this target group.

What specific problems does printformer solve for printers?

Sebastian: The main problem printers have to deal with, of course, is the delivery of print data. The result is the classic game of ping-pong, where one or more print files are sent back and forth, either because they were not created correctly or because they have to be approved by another instance.

With printformer we can standardise these processes and enable the delivery of correct print data through an editor and preflight. Furthermore, with our Shopify integration, we can enable printers to quickly and cost-effectively try out new ideas in eCommerce.  

You have already mentioned printing machines. What are other systems that can be connected to printfomer with the help of Zaikio?

Sebastian: The topic of communication between the Zaikio apps is very exciting and also one of the main reasons why we decided to integrate.

Basically, it makes sense for us to communicate with every app that needs a print file or information from a print shop. Here I can imagine preflight or MIS systems that can process data from us. The whole thing will become clear in the coming months. At the moment, we are one of the first with a fully connected and functioning app on Zaikio.

Our goal is to understand and internalise the Zaikio ecosystem more and more in order to target our printformer even more to the Zaikio audience. We may soon develop new apps or realise that we need to adapt or develop basic things.

I think such a new ecosystem is constantly in motion and we have to learn to deal with it and react to circumstances.

What do you expect from the integration with Zaikio?

Sebastian: Democratising the printing industry is an ambitious vision that Zaikio is proposing. But we would like to see it happen, because it would significantly improve transparency in this industry.

Especially in the Web2Print sector this would be a decisive advantage. As a prospective customer, you currently have a lot of work to do to get a good overview of all Web2Print providers. It can take several months to compile prices and functions. I think that transparency is still lacking and that's why I was right there when Matthias and Christian (Managing Directors @ Zaikio) told us about their idea.

It forces not only the printing industry in general to rethink, but the software providers in particular, because not all software is designed for the web. I like to compare Zaikio to the Shopify ecosystem. With Shopify you can configure an online shop within a few minutes and expand its functionality with apps at the touch of a button. Should this now also become established in the printing industry, it would be a real innovative step and exactly what we want. We are excited and prepared to see what the next few years will bring.

Similar to Shopify, monthly billing models are also possible with Zaikio. How do you offer your application and what is the added value for the printer? 

Sebastian: Since we are, as of today, one of the first apps in the Zaikio App Store/Web2Print area, we have based our pricing model on our usual prices for the time being. We have tried to divide our functions into three packages. In addition, we have set a fee for each print file produced, which helps us to scale our infrastructure accordingly. Our goal was to offer a low-cost entry into the Web2Print sector and to be able to expand it with the push of a button if needed. Furthermore, we offer the possibility to test our software for 7 days free of charge. During this time, but also before, Zaikio users are welcome to contact us directly. 

Of course, it is also a learning process for us. We don't know how pricing will change in the coming months. Maybe the three packages are too general and we need more individuality, or maybe there will be a free version at some point that is based entirely on consumption. 

The advantage for printers remains that they do not have to buy a product, they only pay for the use of the software. This flexibility suits the printers - they can start using it quickly and easily and do not have to make high investments. 

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