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Did you know that the printing industry is one of the biggest industries on the planet? Nevertheless, it faces a lot of challenges when it comes to collaboration and process digitisation. We are Zaikio and we're here to turn these challenges into opportunities. Come, get on board!

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What are Zaikio trying to change?

  • Although the printing industry is one of the oldest and biggest industries on the planet, it is also one of the slowest to adapt digital business models.
  • But today, with the internet and cloud software being omni-present and disrupting business everywhere, it is hard for printers, manufactures and suppliers to keep pace and transform their companies into digital businesses.
  • We help those companies by providing a platform and software products, that allows them to connect to each other easily and digitise their processes in all areas, be it customer consulting, procurement, production or fulfillment.
  • This reduces overhead, massively simplifies processes and gives everyone involved more time to focus on important things.
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Sounds good so far? Let us introduce you to our work culture

Equal & Fair

This should be given but let’s stress it: age, gender, religion, and skin color are no differentiators for rights or pay.


We’re all specialists in what we do, but everyone shares interest in more than just what their occupation is.


We are humans and we create for humans. Our main objective is to solve real-world problems for our users.

Remote & Present

We fully embrace remote work. That's the reason why sharing knowledge within our team is not only necessary but essential.


We highly believe in self-organized teams with their own responsibilities. No middle management involved.

Freedom to explore & fail

To deliver the best results, you have to have the freedom to fail, learn and improve. That's how we work every day.

If you join, you’ll enjoy our special perks and benefits

Family first

Results matter, not office hours. That’s why we encourage remote work and quality time that you can spend with your loved ones.

Time to rest

We encourage you to take time off whenever you need, to create a positive working environment that just feels good.

Above average salary

Your salary is linked to your experience and responsibility and grows with you. All based on a simple and fair level-based model.

Personal & Professional development

We support you in developing yourself and your skills because nothing is worse than standing still or limiting yourself.

Freedom & Opportunities

You will enjoy a great deal of freedom in your daily work routine. We try to avoid as many meetings as possible and embrace an asychronous working culture.

Challenging & Celebrating

Some days are tough, but the outcome is always super rewarding. We help people solving their real-life problems. And we love to celebrate it, if a plan comes together!

What our team members say

Elisa Burghard

"I feel very comfortable in the Zaikio team because different professional experiences are seen as an enrichment. This allows me to develop as a former restorer and current programmer. "

Olga Baginski
Marketing Manager

"I love the flexibility at Zaikio. I can work from wherever I want and can also choose my most productive working times. This definitely increases my productivity. "

Sarah Gerstner
Product Manager

"With Zaikio, you’re in an environment where ideas and creative juices are freely flowing. It’s a place where you don’t feel constricted, and most importantly, for a product person like me, it’s a place where agile is not a trendy, misused word and textbook practice thrown around but an action and real, rapid and quality delivery. Whoever you are, you have a voice and it counts in the decisions and in growing the product. "

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