Mission Control

Where the f*** are my jobs?!

Mission Control visualises all aspects of a job's (or batches of jobs) lifecycle, from conception/estimation, where applicable, to production strategy, required work steps and materials, to production scheduling and logistics. Mission Control by itself doesn't create any data during this process, but distils all the data received by the printer's connected apps into valuable information and visualises it. Additionally it offers production scheduling in an easy and straight-forward user interface, enhanced with powerful AI features to ease the task, while the printer remains in control.

Direct machine integration by vendors already supporting the platform, machine integration through 3rd party middleware or our own shop floor iPad app already allow the collection of production data right from the shop floor. Even in the most heterogeneous production environment, Mission Control is capable of providing a ten thousand foot, full circle overview of the production status. With Zaikio's powerful organisation model, this is even possible beyond the boundaries of single organisations as discussed earlier. With modern, linkable, browser-based software it is possible for us to display this overview but allow easy drill-down into specific machines by simply clicking a link and being redirected to the more in-depth apps provided by the machine manufacturers.

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