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LEIPA sheetfed graphic paper now available via Zaikio Procurement!

We are proud to announce that our partner LEIPA now uses Zaikio Procurement as its sales channel for sheetfed graphic paper. LEIPA is an experienced specialist for paper that is both high in whiteness and made from 100% reclaimed paper.

Printers in Germany can now easily and transparently order the new LEIPA Square sheetfed papers through Zaikio Procurement. Of course, this also works in all MIS that are connected to Zaikio, like Keyline.

LEIPA Square sets a new benchmark for recycling-based graphic papers. It is available in a range of standard formats, from 40 by 40 cm to 165 by 165 cm.

"In the development of LEIPA Square, we have leveraged 50 years of recycling experience," says Marcel Kirschner, head of sales for the new graphic papers at LEIPA. "With LEIPA Square, we offer printers, publishers, and brand owners a modern graphic paper based on 100% recycling that delivers on look and feel as well as on cost-effectiveness," says Kirschner.

At Zaikio, we are excited to work with our new partner LEIPA. "The print industry can only change in line with the times if we connect with each other and enable the smooth exchange of data between all parties involved," says Andreas Aplien, Partner Manager at Zaikio.

Click here for LEIPA's official press release (German).
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