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Metapaper connects with Zaikio right at the very start

  • Metapaper is the first e-commerce platform for paper and print in Europe.
  • Zaikio is the new digitization platform for the printing industry and connects print businesses with their suppliers. 
  • Metapaper is now connected to Zaikio Procurement and can thus directly process orders from almost all common MIS and ERP systems of printers.

Metapaper and Zaikio are both driven by the passion for digitization in the printing industry, so the collaboration was an obvious choice at an early stage in the development of the Zaikio platform.

Zaikio networks all parties in the printing industry on an open platform so that they can exchange data quickly and in a standardized way, without the need for any individual integration. This has enabled Zaikio to quickly connect Metapaper with all MIS and ERP solutions already participating in the platform, including Utraxx, Prinect Business Manager, Printplus, Printvis, and Keyline. With networking, print shops can query items and prices, order paper, and track deliveries directly from their MIS. The tedious importing of material and pricing data is completely eliminated. The way the platform works and the way the systems are connected ensures that all data is automatically up to date.

“We are very happy to finally make Zaikio Procurement available to the public. After months of testing, we are excited to provide this service to all printers who want to order directly from their MIS system. With Metapaper, we have been able to gain an important partner with whom we are pursuing our vision of simplifying and automating the procurement process,” says Christian Weyer, Managing Director Technology at Zaikio.

Axel Scheufelen, one of the founders of Metapaper, on the added value for the industry: “Thanks to Zaikio, all existing, but also potentially new customers can order directly from their MIS at no extra cost. From Zaikio they receive all prices and availabilities and can make their selection with just a few clicks. This is, of course, a huge time saver for print businesses.”

Zaikio Procurement will be publicly available on 15 March 2021, and can be used for digital orders, including Metapaper, free of charge from that date.
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