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Zaikio lays the foundation for a networked printing industry with its App Store

  • Zaikio App Store is now live and open to the public
  • App Store includes all Zaikio integrations
  • First step towards standardized data exchange between connected systems

With the launch of the Zaikio App Store, Zaikio has taken a further step towards universal connectivity of the printing industry. The systems connected to Zaikio are now available in the App Store and can be viewed by interested customers.

The Zaikio App Store forms the necessary basis for software providers to network with each other and exchange data in the future. With its own product Zaikio Procurement, Zaikio has already been demonstrating since March how MIS providers, print businesses and suppliers can successfully connect via the platform to save time and resources and drive digitization forward.

The company based in Mainz (Germany) has already been able to convince well-known companies along the way. With rissc, Calibrate, Ultimate Technographics, Packitoo, Impressed and CloudLab, a number of well-known industry players are already on board. The offering is set to grow steadily in the coming months.

"Our next goal is now the release of Mission Control at the end of the year. With this service, we will enable standardized data exchange between all participating apps and thus holistic networking in the industry," says Matthias Prinz, Managing Director UX at Zaikio. 

Bringing systems together on a single platform has great potential not only for print businesses. Also software providers can benefit, as Impressed CSO Robert Zacherl knows: "With a single Zaikio integration, Impressed expands the number of utilizable interfaces enormously. As of today, for example, we had to develop an individual interface for each MIS. In the future, we will use Mission Control and can concentrate on our core business: automation."

Print shops as well as interested partners can now access the Zaikio App Store and benefit from the already linked apps as well as companies.

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