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Zaikio now Digital Partner of FuturePrint.

FuturePrint is a dedicated community of UK print industry innovators exploring the potential of new print tech. As we develop software to help print shops digitise their processes and business relationships, this feels like a perfect match. So we are delighted to announce that Zaikio is joining FuturePrint as a digital partner in 2022! 

Click here to see the announcement on Futureprint.tech

As part of our commitment, we want to learn more about the opportunities and challenges print industry leaders face on their automation journey. Understanding the needs and priorities of key change agents is vital as we expand our ecosystem in the UK and beyond. We look forward to talking with you!

We have just launched our first product called Zaikio Procurement in the UK. As onboarding is really easy, a number of UK print shops already use Zaikio Procurement to check prices and availability for paper and other inputs in real time, all in one easy user interface, across multiple suppliers, at no extra cost. They do this either through the Zaikio Procurement app, or directly from their MIS. Tharstern MIS is the first uk-based MIS which is connecting to Procurement. Once ready to order, doing so takes just a few clicks, saving a lot of phone calls and thus time and money. Premier Paper is the first fully integrated supplier for the UK market on the Zaikio Procurement platform. We're actively working on integrating additional suppliers and software providers, and we invite all the others to reach out so we can talk about connecting to the Zaikio platform. 

Meanwhile, Zaikio is in the process of developing other applications that make streamlining tedious processes across the print industry easy, fast and affordable. 

Watch this space!
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