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Hardly any other industry has changed so massively in recent years as the printing industry. New printing processes, new sales channels, new ways of working: No printing company today is like any other. Software is increasingly becoming a driver for unique selling points and more efficient processes. Because more than ever before, what happens next to printing counts.

We are the experts who support you in this change.

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Shaping the future together.

Zaikio is a new development studio that has emerged from the software company Crispy Mountain and Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG. We have made it our mission to develop beautiful and useful software that massively simplifies everyday work in the printing industry and allows all participants to communicate with each other on a level playing field.

Democratic cooperation is our top priority, both as a team and in collaboration with our customers and partners. We are independent and open to any kind of collaboration. We love what we do and want to pass on this motivation.

Elisa Burghard

"I feel very comfortable in Zaikio's team because different professional experiences are seen as an enrichment. It allows me to advance as a former art restorer and current developer. "

Karl Ciz
Partner Success

"The future of print is directly related to the democratisation of data. I am a passionate believer in making print services easily available to all via better connectivity, cooperation and interoperability. The future is Zaikio! "

Patric Diez
Customer Success

"»If you digitise a shit process, then you have a shit digital process« - I agree with Thorsten Dirks, former CEO of Telefónica Germany. With "Think different" Apple has also described in fewer words what it takes to be successful. At Zaikio we live both. We think new and always out of the box! "

Inter­disciplinary and inter­national.

We are neither printers nor engineers. We are a team of software and product specialists who want to make a difference together with strong industry partnerships. Through beautiful and meaningful software we solve real problems, software that simply works. As an interdisciplinary team of developers, designers and account managers, we know how to develop software that meets the needs of today's customers. Reliability, maintainability and ease of use are for us the most important pillars of our daily work.

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We are great fans of keeping things simple and making things easy. In our opinion, the great complexity in the printing industry always arises when too many special cases find their way into everyday life. We believe less is often more, because it is important to concentrate on what you do well. And as with Zaikio, we are not experts in all areas of the value chain. We leave the field to those who know it best. Our job is to make this expertise accessible to everyone: as simply as possible!

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