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Request material purchases – right on the shop floor!

Whether plates, blankets or paper: Send requirements to the Procurement dashboard quickly with your iPhone or iPad.

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Faster than sticky notes, emails and phone calls. Get your requirements to the Procurement dashboard straight away.

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About to run out of paper or some other material? Report it as a requirement using your iPhone or iPad. It saves the trip to the office and avoids human error.

  • Easily find your material in the mobile app
  • Create QR codes for recurring requirements
  • Scan-to-request for compatible packaging

How much and when?

You know best what your workplace needs, in what quantities and by what date. When submitting requirements to the Procurement dashboard, take responsibility for your workplace and suggest amounts and dates to the person doing the actual buying.

Easy to use

With the app for Zaikio Procurement, anyone can order material, regardless of language proficiency or formal education level. Simply create a QR code for any given material and put it up next to the machine or dedicated storage space. Staff can then simply scan to request using their iPhone or iPad, with no room for human error. With the latest requests right there on the mobile app’s home screen, it’s easy to request frequently used material.

Swift overview

Check the requirements overview to quickly see whether your materials have been ordered yet. It helps avoid creating requirements more than once. Also, seamlessly look up the requested quantity for any material.

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