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Witnessing the power of interoperability without integration

At The Print Show in Birmingham, Zaikio showcased a seamless two-way data flow between two popular print shop solutions, Infigo web-to-print and Imprint MIS, without them being integrated. Actually, the applications don't even know about each other. The trick is: They both just talk to the Zaikio Platform, no integration projects necessary. 

The details
The process starts with a flyer being ordered through the web-to-print shop powered by Infigo. Then, the order shows up automatically in the Zaikio Workspace of the print shop. The Imprint MIS then picks up the job, processes it and reports its progress to the Zaikio Platform. From there, the web-to-print shop learns about the job progress. The customer who ordered the flyer then gets a status update email from the web-to-print shop. 

For both applications, there are working integrations that print shops can soon just plug into their Zaikio Platform workspace, configure and then use, without any integration projects. Currently, both integrations are being enhanced and refined to make them ready for deployment at actual print shops.

Zaikio and Imprint presenting the showcase at The Print Show 2023

More to come
Zaikio is already working on creating additional integrations with several partners. When an application is integrated with Zaikio, it works with any other application that is integrated with the Zaikio Platform. So connectivity automatically grows with any new integration. Print shops can leverage this to connect their applications and build automated processes, resulting in less work with more results. For software developers and machine manufacturers, the Zaikio Platform means they can provide a lot more integration to customers with a lot less work.

“Both printers and potential partners that came by our booth were amazed by the new possibilities this opens up”, says Karl Ciz, Partner Success Manager with Zaikio. “It is one thing to explain the idea, but to be finally able to show this to them live was a great experience. Their eyes opened. It's real, and it's here!” he says. 

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