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Buying new machines is not a modernization strategy

When print shop managers think about modernization, they often think mostly about machinery - to optimize the shop floor part of the process down to the last detail. However, thanks to advances in machinery, there is often scant potential there. That’s why it usually makes more sense to look at other optimization opportunities. 

Too many tasks in print shops are still done manually:

  • calling suppliers to check availability and prices 
  • searching for materials in the warehouse because there is no overview of stocks and storage locations
  • searching for information on slips of paper to find out the current status of a certain job 
Things like this waste valuable time in the print shop every day. Time that could be better spent on improving customer service, for example. What to do?

Print shops need to digitize their analog processes, for example to avoid duplicate data entry. When it comes to choosing software, it is important to remember that every print shop is different, and their needs vary. Most software systems for print shops try to do it all and implement every conceivable function. This mostly does not work and often results in bloated software monsters.

Zaikio takes a different approach and offers modular apps, each with a clear functional focus, that are interoperable and easy to use. Print shops can put those apps together to build the exact system that suits their needs, and to modernize at their own pace. 

The state of development

Print shops can use two Zaikio apps right now already: The Zaikio Keyline MIS and the Zaikio Procurement purchasing platform. Other apps are currently under active development. In addition to those from Zaikio, apps from partners such as Impressed and printformer will soon be available on Zaikio.

Zaikio Mission Control is scheduled to launch at the end of 2022. It will provide print shops with a bird’s-eye view of all the jobs, tasks and machines in real time.

There is a strong conviction at the heart of Zaikio. It’s that most print shops are much better off with a custom selection of interoperable, easy-to-use apps for specific tasks than with bloated software monsters. To keep up to date with new Zaikio apps and partners, simply subscribe to the Zaikio newsletter!
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