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Make the plunge: Watch our Dev Deep Dives

If you are reading this, you are in charge of digitising your print business. And, chances are you are curious about new technology, too. You might not be a developer, but you might be thinking about ways to automate your processes. You might even be tinkering with no-code or low-code tools to connect your systems in a helpful way. If that’s the case, we have something of interest for you.

We are regularly hosting LinkedIn Live sessions for developers that want to integrate their software with Zaikio, called Zaikio Dev Deep Dives. In those sessions, we explain the concepts behind Zaikio, how to connect print industry software with Zaikio for unparalleled automation opportunities, and answer the most nagging questions.

The Dev Deep Dives are beneficial for everyone! You’ll gain a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of the tech underpinnings of it all. So you’ll be in a better place to decide what solutions do fit your business and which don’t.

Here are the Links to the Dev Deep Dive sessions that happened so far:
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