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Tharstern, Premier, and Zaikio join forces for a fully integrated purchasing experience

  • Zaikio’s cloud-based platform Zaikio Procurement connects MIS providers with material suppliers. The company is just launching in the UK.
  • The partnership with Tharstern will begin immediately. The MIS will soon be connected to Zaikio Procurement, offering customers the possibility to directly access the supplier’s ranges from the system.
  • Premier is the first supplier in the UK to be fully connected to Zaikio Procurement. Printers can check Premier’s material availability and prices, and order directly via Zaikio Procurement, free of charge.

The software company, Zaikio, announced two major successes at the IPIA 2021: The start of a new partnership with Tharstern and the full connection to  Premier. Tharstern MIS will soon be connected to Zaikio Procurement and enable Tharstern customers to use Zaikio Procurement’s full feature set. They will be able to see material availability and order materials directly from within the Tharstern MIS. 

After announcing the partnership in August 2021, Premier is now fully connected to Zaikio Procurement and can be used via the Zaikio Procurement app. As soon as the connection with Tharstern is finished, printers will be able to check Premier’s price and material availability and order from Premier directly via Tharstern.
Zaikio and Tharstern started their collaboration when Zaikio announced UK-based supplier Premier would join the platform back in August 2021.
“We’re always looking for ways to increase automation for our customers. When Zaikio got in touch to tell us that they were launching their interface with Premier in the UK, we knew it was a platform we wanted to support.

The integration with Tharstern MIS will offer a seamless real-time experience, ensuring our mutual customers will have up-to-the-minute pricing and, more importantly than ever right now, availability information.
We're excited about the opportunity to work with Zaikio on this project and are looking forward to integrating more aspects of the Tharstern MIS in the future – and the benefits this will bring for our customers.”, says Keith McMurtrie, CEO at Tharstern.
Zaikio’s mission is to create a cloud-based software platform that connects all stakeholders of the printing industry. Zaikio Procurement is the first software application on their platform. The app simplifies and digitises procurement processes for printers and suppliers. Zaikio Procurement is to facilitate and digitise procurement processes for printers and suppliers.

Dave Jones, Group Marketing Director at Premier, says: “Zaikio digitises the procurement process leading to greater efficiency and convenience. Direct supplier relationships are maintained, but Zaikio offers printers the option of placing orders with their chosen supplier through a fast and convenient system that can be fully integrated into existing MIS systems. Zaikio is an exciting concept that offers real benefits to printers. Premier are delighted to be working with Zaikio to make procurement easier.”
Zaikio is launching into the UK right now and will continue to add suppliers throughout 2022. With their new partnerships, they are able to provide essential services for UK printers.
“We are very happy to have two such great partners for Zaikio Procurement. Together, we can offer printers an integrated purchasing experience for their materials.” Karl Ciz, Partner Success Manager at Zaikio.
Zaikio welcomes MIS providers and suppliers that are interested in connecting to Zaikio Procurement. Please contact the team on https://zaikio.com/partner/. Printers that want to use Zaikio Procurement can create an account and start directly.

More information about Zaikio Procurement can be found here: https://zaikio.com/procurement
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