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At ZaiCon, the print shop software industry networks and talks modernisation

At Zaikio, we work to improve processes in print shops by making our own apps and those of all the other vendors work together seamlessly. So it makes sense to just invite the whole industry to talk about better data-driven collaboration. 

And so we did: On 17 and 18 January, more than 120 participants from nearly 50 companies in print software and machine manufacturing gathered in Frankfurt for the first Zaikio Conference, or ZaiCon for short.

At its heart, ZaiCon was about exchanging data the right way between the many different systems in use at print shops, so that printers can finally become more efficient.

The presentations and discussions focused on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead as the print shops goes digital. In addition to Zaikio staff, guests from the industry also spoke about their approaches. Their presentations gave a clear indication of where the industry is heading: towards more collaboration and connectivity. 

Markus Morawe from Tessitura explained how printers can better integrate their machines to make processes much more efficient. Peter Kleinheider from Calibrate talked about how job definitions can be easily transferred to Zaikio. Alex Sturzenegger from PrintPlus explained how print management systems can use the wealth of data in a networked print shop to produce better costing and production planning.

Zaikio itself was, of course, an important topic at ZaiCon. Zaikio provides a modern, open cloud interface for all players in the industry to network on a level playing field. Zaikio also provides developers with a comprehensive toolkit to simplify and speed up their work. 

The goal is to enable printers to use applications from different vendors for different tasks and still maintain full compatibility between applications from the outset. 

In addition, the new Zaikio Mission Control application visualises all current processes in a print shop in a real-time dashboard. This comprehensive bird's-eye view is based on the applications used by the print shop that are connected with Zaikio.

Zaikio is now working with its partners on the next milestone: To make a comprehensive range of modular print shop software from Zaikio and its many partners available to printers by Drupa 2024.
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