Distribute print jobs among your trade printers and PSPs!

Switchyard's fully automated rules engine allows you to forward jobs to your trade printer. You define the rules once and speed up your entire process with your partner print shops.
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Rule-based decision making

Set your rules on the basis of the job definition, e.g. product type, substrates or printing inks, via further criteria such as the geographical distance between the trade printers through to the delivery targets or the live availability of materials. Set your rules and let the data flow!

Deliver everything your trade printer needs

All order and job data is automatically made available to the trade printer. Switchyard ensures that everyone has access to the information relevant to them.

Get a complete overview of the production progress

Your trade printer and you use Switchyard, which runs on the Zaikio data platform. This means you always have an overview of the production process at your partner print shops.

The future of job routing

Most of the routing tools in the industry are based on templates. This means that you have to maintain countless different ones.


Switchyard makes every manual step obsolete. It decides independently which printer gets which job, based on your decisions of course. You no longer have to worry about anything.

Let Switchyard work for you

Whether you are a print shop that only sends out some jobs to trade printers or whether you forward everything, Switchyard gives you all the possibilities to map your individual process. Invite your partner print shops and start distributing jobs.

As a trade printer, Switchyard gives you one tool to work with all your print shops – no more communication hassle!

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Bring your business forward

Louise and her team will help you improve your business through seamless job data exchange. Let's take a look at your situation and discuss your way forward.

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