Speedy calculation for production paths and prices

Automatically determine a production path based on a job description and your rules. Get the corresponding price within seconds.
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Rule-based production path creation

Based on your choices, Worksteps automatically creates a production path for each job. It determines which work steps need to happen based on your pre-defined criteria. Which machine to use when, and what to do if your customer requests a specific paper − you decide and get the perfect blueprint for your production planning.

Estimation for any job in seconds

Based on the production path, Worksteps calculates the price. This means that after configuration, Worksteps can calculate all sorts of products, in nearly infinite permutations.

All dependencies included

Worksteps can consider all your dependencies when creating the production path or calculating. You can automate any job, involving any intricate details. So you have more time for customer care.

Use Worksteps within your customer portal

Let customers calculate their products in real time. Based on the data provided by your customer plus your pre-defined criteria, Worksteps automatically creates your ideal production path and delivers a price your customer can rely on.

Details for our tech lovers

Worksteps is a headless app, beyond the interface to set up or modify your rules and criteria. This means that once it is set up, Worksteps is doing its job automatically in the background.

Worksteps leverages the Zaikio Data Platform to connect your job intake with your production systems. For every job, it calculates the optimal production path and reliable pricing information. It then sends it back to the Data Platform, where other parts of your ecosystem can retrieve it. Of course, you can also use it to calculate just the price or the production path, depending on your requirements.

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Karl and his team will help you improve your business through seamless job path and price calculation. Let's take a look at your situation and discuss your way forward.

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