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The first Zaikio conference, or ZaiCon for short, was an awesome experience (read more in our blog).

To the 120 participants from 50 companies in print shop software and machines: Thank you so much for making ZaiCon a success!

Those two days in Frankfurt, packed with inspiring conversations, were the launchpad to convert numerous great ideas into helpful applications.

Next stop: Get all these modular apps to market by the time we meet again in 2024.

Keynote: Christian Weyer & Matthias Prinz, Zaikio
The journey towards a cloud-driven print industry and how Zaikio enables this transition
Keynote: Jürgen Grimm, HEIDELBERG
HEIDELBERG’s journey into the cloud with Zaikio
Tech Talk: Christian Weyer & Jalyna Schröder, Zaikio
Introduction of the Zaikio Platform and how you can get your software on it.
Tech Talk: Jalyna Schröder, Zaikio
Introduction to the Zaikio Hub and App Store
Tech Talk: Christian Weyer, Zaikio
Introduction to Zaikio Loom and event-based app design
Tech Talk: John Maxwell, Zaikio
Introduction to Zaikio Mission Control
Tech Talk: Nick Campbell, Zaikio
Introduction to Zaikio Procurement
Partner Insight: Peter Kleinheider, Calibrate
The first step: How to get your existing data into Mission Control
Partner Insight: Alex Sturzenegger, PrintPlus
Data exchange as the biggest challenge for MIS providers: How to get data to where it is needed?
Business Talk: Daniel Halstenberg, Zakio
Making the change: How to transform your business model to a SaaS model.
Business Talk: Matthias Prinz, Zaikio
How Zaikio can help handle subscriptions, billing, taxes and invoicing
Business Talk: Matthias Prinz, Zaikio
Better customer relationships through Continuous Delivery and personal communication
Business Talk: Markus Morawe, Tessitura
How to leverage an open platform to improve industry connectivity
Business Talk: Olga Baginski, Zaikio
Marketing: How to promote your Partner Relationship with Zaikio
Discussion Panel
This was ZaiCon 2023: A panel discussion to wrap it all up
Thank you for attending ZaiCon! It was great to meet and share ideas across the print shop software industry. We're looking forward to seeing you again next year. Thank you for attending ZaiCon! It was great to meet and share ideas across the print shop software industry. We're looking forward to seeing you again next year.
What is it about?
Let’s disrupt the way software is used in print shops

At Zaikio, we think the way forward is to improve processes in print shops, and to make apps and machines work together seamlessly. So we invited the whole industry to talk about data-driven collaboration.

At ZaiCon, the print industry came together to network and talk about modernisation. The main topic was exchanging data between the different systems with ease, so printers can become more efficient.

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