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Mission Control in action: See exactly where your jobs are

Are you working in a print shop on a daily basis? Then cumbersome situations such as incoming jobs via multiple channels, systems working in isolation, and communication run via “The Sneaker Network" must ring a bell. Even with interconnected systems, data exchange issues happen frequently and integrations have to be maintained with great effort.

With the sheer volume of jobs, it is hard to keep track of ongoing progress – not to mention efficiency, customer service, and competitiveness.

We have solved this problem for you: with Mission Control. It is a browser-based app for controlling your entire production process. It collects and displays all process and job data from your systems and machines. It shows all jobs and tasks in a print shop and thus enables a holistic overview – in one central, easy-to-use interface.

In this blog series, we explain how you can use Mission Control to manage the high volume of your print jobs and significantly increase the efficiency of your print business.

The first episode: The job overview
As mentioned, business and production processes in print businesses today are very diverse. Jobs can come in via web stores, email, or (yes, still) by courier from a wide variety of clients. The amount of jobs can be huge, yet the print runs are rather small. Unfortunately, this can create confusion and inefficiency.

Now, that's a thing of the past! Because wherever they come from or how many there are – Mission Control lists all jobs in a clear, centralised view. It gives detailed information on a variety of criteria including customer, job type, deadline, status, and more.

Mission Control obtains the corresponding data from various systems and machines at your print shop (in a later episode, we'll explain how this works).

You can also filter this table in no time by various criteria.

Because requirements and preferences are highly individual, you can specify what information you want to see in the table – like a job's date of receipt, the source, the status, and more.

These lists are already very useful for keeping track of job progress and production processes. But given the large number of jobs, they are often still not enough.

Smart lists for deeper insights

That's why you can also create individual smart lists that filter your jobs according to a variety of criteria. All you have to do is give the list a name and specify whether only you or all your colleagues can see this list.

Afterward, you define the criteria according to which Mission Control filters your jobs.
Do you need to know which jobs need finishing? No problem for Mission Control! Just use the respective filters like “finishing” and “embossing” and create a smart list.

You want to see which jobs are going to be printed on 180-gram paper soon? Here, too, a filtered list helps (this is also useful, for example, if you want to order the corresponding paper via Zaikio Procurement).

Do you want to improve processes and get to the root of your scheduling problems? Create a smart list with all delayed jobs to identify the bottleneck.

Mission Control displays the filtered results in a familiar table that is easy to read and highly customisable according to your needs.

Mission Control includes an overview of all your lists just as clearly, so you always have all the latest information you need to monitor and control your production at your fingertips.

In the next episode of this series, we'll explain how you can use Mission Control to keep track of your individual jobs throughout the entire production cycle.

You don't want to wait that long? Then make an appointment with one of our Team here. We will show you Mission Control in detail and answer all your questions.
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